Tuesday, July 28

Switch Hitter

Maybe I really don't like boys. Maybe I'm a lesbian. I don't know...

One thing is for certain: I can't allow myself to be with a dude. Like everytime I think I want one and meet one I find the littlest shit to wind up disliking him over. I'm all interested at first but then as soon as he moves closer, I find myself automatically pulling away.

For some unknown reason, I just can't do men. How weird as that? Does that make me a lezzie fer shur? I say I'm bisexual because I mean I find guys attractive, I think they're sexy, I can easily be turned on by one but at the same time...they just don't do it for me. I doubt I'd be having any of these problems if a girl was involved.

So ultimately, what does that mean? I'm in no rush to be "labeled" either way, it isn't the title that concerns me I'm just sooo confused. Like can I ever really meet, get to know, like and love a guy, to settle down and be with for the duration. Or is my love reserved strictly for those of the fairer sex?