Thursday, September 24

Sent from Heaven...

I am so grateful for my life right now. I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need. This job offer seems to be sent from heaven. Every day gets better than the last. I finally have a job where I am actually happy to get up and go into work. When I was applying and interviewing for this job I prayed to God to only give me this job if it was best for me in all affairs of my life and so far, so good. He answered my prayers. Thank you Lord, this is truly a blessing. I don't mean to get all sanctified and holy in this post but that is seriously how happy I am with where I am in life right now, and I know none of it would have been possible without God's grace and favor. So again, I thank you and please God let me just as happy as I am now maybe thirty or forty years in... lol..

Monday, September 21

My First Day of Work

Spent most of the day reviewing policy and procedures, yawning and trying to stay awake, the other half shadowing and trying my hand at machine preparation. Not much, but after 10 hours still exhausted. So happy to have the next two days off... Can't imagine how dead I'll be after working three days (30 hours) straight after that. Welcome to the real world, eh? Still can't believe that I'm "THE" nurse, but it's cool something I can definitely get used to. Can't wait for my first grown up paycheck... my grown up bills are already rolling in. May not get to enjoy it, but still waiting nonetheless.

Tuesday, September 1


Please let all the records show that August 31st, 2009 was the second happiest day of my life this summer!! Considering the fact that I finally got offered not only a job, but THE job- my dream job 8/31 was a pretty killer day. So it took me all summer to find a job but it's true, good things do come to those who wait. It's like with this job I have everything I ever wanted. A job in a field I'm interested in, out of my home state, in a top hospital. Not only did I get a top hospital I got THE top hospital in America- Johns (effin) Hopkins baby!!!

After all the worrying, and crying, and praying I finally have exactly what I wanted, and all praise be to God for that! I start in 3 weeks so for now I have to focus all my attention towards packing up the only life I have ever known here in PA to start my new life in MD. Can't believe it's all happening for reals. I'm expecting to wake up in any second to find out it was all a dream... I haven't been this happy since the day I passed the NCLEX ;)