Sunday, September 28

Post Secret vol. 1

Saturday, September 27

Girl Crush vol. 1

While I'm not a huge fan of studz, there is much to be said about getting through all that tough exterior, stripping through that boyish wrapping to find a sexy body that's most definitely all girl underneath. Hmm... so deliciously erotic. ;-P

Loves it.

Quotish: "As soon as tongue hit clit I knew it wasn't wasn't perfect. I could pick your pussy out of a police lineup." ~Hanky Moody, Californication. He's baacckkk ladies and gentlemen!!! Boy I missed those quirky kick ass remarks. Totally awesome show. Check it. It's up on an entire day early. =)

Sunday, September 21


For some weird and unknown reason... or one that's not so weird or unknown (if I'm being completely truthful) more than likely involving X-I recently let my dreams of graduating and moving to California down by the wayside.

Today I've realized and decided that it is absolutely imperative that I follow through, if for nothing more than my own peice of mind and personal growth. I am almost 100% positive that if I stay being anywhere in the tristate area/eastern side of the United States my growth will be forever stunted && that simply will not do. :-/

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Saturday, September 20

Sound Bytes vol. 1

Gym Class Heroes~Cookie Jar

0.16s-0.32s :-X

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Wednesday, September 17

I'm Sorry Mama!

I love OB clinicals!!! Not only is my instructor amazing, my very first day on Labor & Delivery I saw a baby being born and let me tell you it was UNREAL!! 24 hours after the fact, even after seeing it with my own eyes its still unbelievable to me. I never really thought about it...have you? I mean human beings enter this world by bursting through another's vagina?!?!?! ^.^ That G-d fella and his twisted sense of humor.

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Sunday, September 14

So I've Royally Fugged Up.

I'm pretty much one of the most self centered self absorbed narcissistic people you might ever meet. In my mind the world revolves around me... But sadly enough it doesn't. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Well there you have it.

I hate myself for making her hurt. This pretty much solidifies my status as best friend scum of the earth. I don't think I not even once stopped to consider how she might feel about my absence and if and/or when I did I don't think that mattered much in my decision making. It was all about what I wanted and how I felt.

I may have lost one of my best friends over this and you know what if I did I deserve it. I love her and I hope we can recover from this but if not I totally understand and all I can do is learn from my mistakes. :-[

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Saturday, September 13

Hot Tamale

My hormones are raging high and I am finding attractions in the most random group of people. As much as I hate to admit it, PPA has definitely peaked my interest. Maybe I'll work another twelve and sit 1:1 again afterall... ;-) Patient X can go outside and be a bother all he wants, for as long as he wants. Tomorrow it won't even matter as long as it means more face time and contact with boobie (i.e PPA). And maybe just maybe I'm not as off as I think I am. Man, I really need to start trusting my instincts.

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Sunday, September 7


You know when people say I have good news and I have bad which one do you want first? Well my answer is always the bad and so in keeping with tradition I guess I'll start this blog off with the bad and then end on a good note. So without further ado...

Bad: I've totally decided to cut my family off. Besides my immediates... my mom, grandmom, brother, Uncle U and a smatter (ok so I think I just made that word up but whatevs. Definition: n. few, not many) of cousins-I'm done. I deal with enough fake bitches on a day to day basis, hell I expect and may even tolerate it with non-significant others but with my own blood, I refuse. If you can't trust/depend on family then who else? Fugg 'em! But anyhoo...

Good: I LOVE my girls! Thanks to them this year my birthday didn't suck not even a little. I am so happy to have met them and have them in my life. I hope I can be half the friend to them that they are to me. I just love 'em. Viva la "triplets"!! (As our professor likes to call us.)

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Saturday, September 6

My Best Friend's Wedding

As shallow as this sounds/may actually be today just reaffirmed what I've known to be true for quite some time now...I am no good at events/affairs which don't involve me being the center of attention.

Today was the bestie's wedding and I'm sorry but it just was not my twist. I felt like the only black extra on set of my Big Fat Cambodian Wedding. Maybe it would have been bareable if I had more of a crowd to choose from but when your only options are conservative G Dubyah-John McCaine supporting types and non-friendly non-English speaking Cambodians its really like hmmm ok and tell me WTF I'm doing here again?

It was just... awkward. So i snapped a couple of pics and I peaced. If it weren't for her adorable sweet little niece I probably wouldn't have lasted as long as I did. It's not looking to promising for me and the reception in Conneticut I'm thinking of skipping it all together.

I really don't want to do that to her because she's been an awesome friend but I really can't see me spending money I don't have to go all the way to Conneticut to feel awkward again and be miserable the whole time. I love her but I think I'll buy a really nice wedding gift and call it a day. *_*

*** HAPPY BDAY VINNY!!! I love and miss you still. You're forever in my heart and in my prayers. God bless.***

My Bday is tomorrow, and God I pray it's better than it was last year. Two suck ass birthdays in a row is just cruel and unusual.

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Thursday, September 4

Back to School

I swear everytime someone says "Senior" my heart and mind party! :D It's still sinking in that: Oh my Gah, this is it! This is my last and final year of undergrad, and that I'm entering the home stretch.. It's kinda scary, but exciting nonetheless. Above all it's unbelievable! I cannot believe that I am here. That I finally made it. I am going to cherish each and every moment this year has to offer. This is my SENIOR year of college!!!

Even though it's just beginning I know it's going to be over with before I know it, in the blink of an eye I'll be posting about graduation, goodbyes and being done. ^.^ Oy. And so it begins... cheers to the beginning to an end...