Tuesday, December 30

This Time Next Year

Hmm... so somehow I got to thinking and in my excitement for the new year I came up with this little game we shall call: This Time Next Year. To begin, this time next year [G-d willing] I know I will have graduated. Hopefully if I have learned anything these past years of nursing school I will have passed the NCLEX and be licensed and working as a registered nurse in one of my top 5 hospitals.

Since none of them are in my [now] immediate area, I will have most probably relocated, and by this time have settled nicely into my new life out on my own. I am horrible with learning my way around new places but considering it will be December-at least five months into the move, I hope that I have at least the general area down enough to find my way to the local supermarkets and area shopping malls. Anyhow, just living comfortably and loving it.$-)

This time next year I hope to be nice and secure in all of my roles. As a nurse, as a woman, friend, and since I'm hoping I have a long term boo or at least a few promising prospects-as a mate as well.[-o< So let's just say this time next year I definitely want to be or have been madly in love and have that same love returned to me and together we experience[d] all the joys and pains that love brings.

This time next year I hope to have at least some kind of new life experiences, and have a greater since of having lived. This time next year I hope that my confidence is through the roof, and to have never been prettier, skinnier, or sexier in my life thus far. I hope to be well off [although I know this might be hard paying back student loans and completely being out on my own]. I hope to healthy, and most of all I hope to be totally happy. Is this to much to ask for? Either way I'll let you know how this all works out, This Time Next Year. \:D/

Thursday, December 25

Merry Little Christmas?

They say if you want to hear G-d laugh, tell him your plans. Guess he's laughing his ass off at me./:)

Nothing has gone as I planned it would this Christmas, but it's cool... I'm feeling totally antisocial today anyway. =; So for me, it's going to be a Blockbuster day and night. Which suits me just fine actually.

I cannot wait for tomorrow, shopping all the after Christmas sales will be killer. 8-> Well not much for words today, so I hope it's a Merry Christmas for all those I love. Later.

Wednesday, December 24

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight...

To say I'm feeling pressured by this whole bring a dish to [christmas] dinner situation, would be an understatement. All of a sudden all of the confidence and excitement I felt has been replaced with panic and mania!~X( I don't think that I can do it, especially considering the only things I have made thus far in my so called "cooking career" have been reservations, a mess, and several small fires [shot out to Kelly Whitmore and Carrie B]. :-< I mean sure I'll have Granny there to guide me through these untried waters and all the trials and tribulations that come with, but I'll also have my uncle there taunting and just waiting for the finished project to be a hot tranny mess so that he can forever tease me about being a big fat cooking failure. :(

Ok maybe I'm being bit dramatic and painting him out to be a monster, he's really not but this is what I'm feeling. What I am so totally afraid of happening tomorrow. I have half the mind to call the whole thing off. I mean I have to learn considering that in just a few short months I will be completely out on my own, but maybe it would be better for me to learn when there's not so much pressure surrounding the entire issue, you know? Then there's braving the last minute Christmas Eve shoppers ...that doesn't sound to tempting or wise either. In my frayed state of mind the last thing I need is to be dropped into a crowded supermarket with people who have lost both their minds and their manners. Oy. :(

Tuesday, December 16

The Man of My Dreams

I can't believe it. I went and fell in love with the white guy in my dreams. I know, right? The GUY!!! Nevertheless it was amazing, and he's out there, somewhere. I cannot wait to meet him. He is perfect. I mean besides the fact that he had two twin boys: Kyle & Cody. They were terrors but I even learned to love them. Anyhow he (who happened to remain nameless) was a firefighter and we were newly married, and I was completely happy. I feel so weird inside. Like I don't know what I want now, but at the same time I want nothing more than that. It was such an awesome life, and like I said I was completely happy and content. Please G-d tell me, that's what my future holds... L-)

Tuesday, December 9

What About Your Friends? vol. 3

It's the end of the semester. That should totally explain my absence. I am friggin exhausted, and the end has only just begun. This week is full of the god awful HESI tests and next week is full of the god awful finals so I anticipate absolutely losing my mind [and many night's sleep] before all is said and done. 8-} Anyhow this entry is going to be short and sweet. I only dropped in to make my presence known in December since up to now I have yet to do so. And to also commemorate this moment in time, where I-Ms.LeadingLady have decided to go solo. @-)

I love la girlas and maybe it's the stress of the end of the semester and me being irritable and extra sensitive...IDK!! All I can say for sure is they (and more so Cady than anyone else) are driving me crazy. Maybe it's not them, it's me but I need a little break from our "Bromance". I need my space. I am so happy to have at least a month to myself away from them. Maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder. In any case, I'm breaking away just for a bit. My new years resolution is to definitely be a lot less codependent on my "friends". /:)