Saturday, May 23

Graduate School Here I Come...

I feel like I have struck GOLD. Ever since I graduated, and if we're being completely honest even a bit before, I felt so lost. No job, no direction what the hell was I to do with my life? I hate just sitting around feeling stuck, wondering what's next? I want to proceed and progress, you know? Graduating college was supposed to be just the beginning, and now I feel like it is.

I'm applying to GRAD school!!!

U of P is where I belong. It's where my life's path is taking me next. They have exactly what I want, and what I need. It's no secret that I never wanted to just settle for being a Registered Nurse. When I first started to even consider nursing as a career my very first thoughts never even went to Registered Nurse, right out the box it was Nurse Practitioner. And granted, throughout nursing school the exact type of nursing I would practice as a practitioner has changed, that general idea hasn't. At first I thought I wanted to work Trauma and therefore be an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, but nope not for me. I mean don't get me wrong I love Trauma, and how it's all fast paced and adrenaline laced, not to mention the prestige and honor saying I'm a Trauma NP, BUT...

I love working with people during a happy and exciting time of their life. As an nurse practitioner in OB I'll be worried less about saving lives, and more concerned with bringing lives into the world. How awesome would it be to go to work and deliver babies every day for a living. That's so much more ME... In retrospect, I've always known this in fact this was my very first choice in nursing. I even did my high school senior project on Nursing in Obstetrics but somehow, over the years I let the dream get away from me. Until I had OB in college, and it all came flooding right back to me.

So back to U of P, I'm definitely applying. Through their grad school I can be exactly what I always wanted to be and I don't have to choose between my love of OB and Women's Health since their program will allow duel certification I'll come out being a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner, and a Certified Nurse-Midwife. How fucking perfect is that?! Please god, let me get accepted into this program!! I did my research and I have it all figured out, I'll work and go to school part time for the next 3 years and I'll have my Masters by 27. Not bad huh???

My minds made up, and I am sooo excited.... Now all there's left to do is get accepted. ***Thinking positively***

** [E/D/I/T] **

SHIT!!! The only hole in my otherwise perfect plan: Going to that particular Grad School requires me to be here @ least another 3 years... Is it worth it?

Wednesday, May 20

College Graduate

Sooooo bored.

I hate life post graduation. I need a job, being broke and staying home bored day in and day out isn't really going to work for me. So far the only thing I have to look forward to is possible getting trained in home dialysis for my brother starting next month. Definitely something impressive to add to my resume which hopefully will propel nurse recruiters and nurse managers every where to seek me out and hire me.

All I know for sure is that I can't take much more of things as they are I WILL promptly go INSANE. >:(

Wednesday, May 6


Graduation is downright depressing. How can I be excited and happy, when come May 16th I am going to be a straight up bum...with a degree. There's no bright and promising future for me, I don't have a job. So I graduate and then what... I work at WaWa? That's that bullshit. Like what the hell am I supposed to do for money? How am I even supposed to take the effin NCLEX if I don't have the $200 it costs to pay for that shit?

And I'm supposed to be happy? For what? I would totally stay in school another year if it meant come 2010 I'd be graduating with a job. I have like nothing to look forward to. I'm supposed to be starting my life and instead I'm just going to graduate and be stuck. All progression pretty much ends with that. Yeah graduations a hilight, and climax of my life...but then what? I come crashing back down to reality where I'm a broke unemployed bum? I'm not happy this sucks. Fuck my fucking life, and this stupid ass economy!!!