Monday, November 17

What About Your Friends? vol. 2

So my upcoming surgery which will actually take place in just a few hours, for some reason has me evaluating and classifying my current friendships. The way I now see it is that I have three degrees of friendships, and oddly enough each one of la girlas can be classified accordingly.

To begin, there's the first degree friend. Similar to a burn, the first degree friend is the most superficial. We're cordial and we sporadically hang out, sit and study together for classes but after college is over we'll of course promise to keep in touch but we'll probably never speak to each other again. According to la girlas this of course is Karen*. It is safe to say that I will not be getting a call from her to see if all went well with the surgery.

Next, you have the second degree friend. This friend is partial thickness, an on occasion fair weather friend. This person is a bit more involved then the first degree considering you hang out about 50% of the time and you divulge minor secrets and facts about yourselves to each other. But the second degree friend is not someone to count on through thick and thin to be there for you whenever through whatever. This is most definitely Miss GG*, and it could go either way with her. While I would love to think that she would remember me and call to see that I am ok, I'd be shocked if she actually did. I realized awhile ago that GG is not someone I can count on.

Finally that brings me to Cady*, my third degree friend. She's "my person" and that basically sums the third degrees up. They're the ones you know you can go to for and with anything and no matter what they'd be there for you. Your loyal support system. Third degrees are the type of friends that you should work to keep close forever. There is no doubt in my mind that Cady will call me and see what's up. This friendship is based on truth, love and loyalty. Cady is the one I'd expect to ride or die.

I'm the type of person who likes to know where I stand with people. At least then there's no surprises or let downs when you know just what to expect. Like I said it could go either way with GG and I already know that, but I can't lie and say that I won't be just a bit dissapointed if I don't hear from her. [-(


SO it turns out that I was exactly right in all my predictions. Cady called me everyday that I was out, as for GG and Karen: not so much. But in Karen's defense the poor girl didn't even realize I had surgery. What can I say? I only talked about it in her presence about a gillion times, but the girl is an air head of epic proportions. She was thoroughly concerned and sweet however when the fact finally seeped in to that brain of hers... Maybe I have her degree of friendship confused with GG's. *Something to consider* :-? In addition, I was a bit disappointed in the fact that I didn't hear from GG and our friendship was on the brink of extinction but she was cool when I finally returned to school, carrying my bag and buying me breakfast so I guess I'll build a bridge and get over it.